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For His State:


John's desire to see fiscal responsibility and a prosperous business environment in North Carolina show in his voting record in the state House. He's also proven to be a strong supporter of public education. Here's some of his accomplishments on the state level, efforts he will continue when reelected:

Raised teacher salaries by 6.5% in 2018, the 5th consecutive increase in teacher pay.

Provided $35 Million for additional safety training, safety equipment, School Resource Officers and mental health treatment within our schools.

Exempted the first $20,000 each family makes from state taxes and further reduced taxes for job-creating small businesses. 

Supported a plan to lower the corporate tax rate as part of the General Assembly's plan to recruit and keep businesses in North Carolina. The Republican leadership's emphasis on job creation has led to Forbes naming the state as the "Best State for Business" in America.

Voted for the General Assembly's efforts to increase the state's rainy-day fund to around $2 billion, leading to a AAA bond rating from the three major bond rating agencies, a sign of fiscal stability and strong reserves. 

For His District:

John's desire to see business prosperity and community growth extends into his district. Here's some of what he's done for District 51, evidence of things he will continue to do:

Securing $500,000 in additional funding for Central Carolina Community College

Securing $4,000,000 for a new terminal at the Raleigh Executive Jetport in northern Lee County


Securing $57,000 for a new homeless shelter in the City of Sanford

Securing $40,000 for a mural restoration project in Sanford

Worked to pass an occupancy tax for Sanford, which nonpartisan research showed would bring in more than $300,000 annually for tourism expenditures in Lee County and wouldn't cost county taxpayers one cent.

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For 2019-2010:


John isn't done though. While you can find where he stands on the issues by much of what he's supported in the past, there's some other things you need to know about what he will do when reelected.

Continuing to Support Public Education

John's three children all graduated from Lee County Senior High School in Sanford, so public education is near and dear to his heart. He supports continuing to raise teacher pay while increasing state funding for School Resource Officers. 

Continuing His Support for Community Colleges

As a graduate of one of North Carolina's fine community colleges, John will continue his work to support those institutions. Far too many of our state's community college teachers are leaving for better paying jobs elsewhere. John will work to see their salaries increased.

Voter ID

John was a primary sponsor on the bill that established a constitutional amendment referendum on requiring photo identification to vote. John believes that it's a common sense stipulation. We need an ID to drive, to fly, to receive Social Security and more, so why not provide a layer of protection for one of the most important things we do as Americans?

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